Aspira SpaSuite™ Experiences

Our SpaSuite Experiences include a collection of treatments enjoyed by couples, sisters, or friends in the privacy of our spacious SpaSuite environments. Appointed with master shower, whirlpool bath, stone fireplace and accommodating up to three massage beds, our SpaSuites provide a place of retreat to experience Aspira together. 

The Aspira Journey 
Your Aspira Journey begins with a warm, soothing bath designed to relax and prepare you for the balancing effects of Reflexology. Reflex points in the feet are activated to stimulate energy flow throughout the body and instill a sense of well-being. An Aromatic Relaxation Massage, designed to release deeply held stress and tension, concludes your journey.

• Element Bath with light exfoliation and scalp massage
• Reflexology
• Aromatic Relaxation Massage

100 min. - $265 per person 

The Art of Spa
This palette of artful treatments begins with a Chromatherapy Element Bath, bathing you in color and one of the five element bath oils which most benefits you. Our luxurious Violet Clay Envelopment will leave you feeling soft and silky. After a refreshing shower in your own master shower, you will enjoy a relaxing and balancing Color Art Facial.

• Element Bath with light exfoliation and scalp massage
• Violet Clay Envelopment
• Color Art Facial

130 min. - $275 per person

Suite Serenity
A delightful menu of sensual treatments will take you to a place of blissful calm. Begin your experience with an indulgent, warm soaking bath ritual using the fragrance of pure jasmine. Violet Clay Body Silking follows, leaving your skin soft and smooth as it stimulates energy flow. The Lomi Lomi or "loving hands" Massage, using percussive movements with long, smooth strokes from head to toe, induces a total state of relaxation.

• Element Bath with light exfoliation and scalp massage
• Violet Clay Body Silking
• Lomi Lomi Massage

120 min. - $315 per person

Sacred Waters
Once considered sacred by the Native Americans who lived on its shores, the pristine waters of Elkhart Lake are used in this signature SpaSuite™ Experience. Begin with the healing effects of our Therapeutic Aromatherapy Bath to help regulate body fluids and restore balance. Continue with an Envelopment of the Sea, as your body is massaged with algae-based cream masks tailored to your needs. The Sacred Waters Massage uses the energetic value of the water on the seven chakras to promote balance. 

• Element Bath with light exfoliation and scalp massage 
• Envelopment of the Sea
• Sacred Waters Massage

110 min. - $325 per person

Infused with Spirit 
A collection of signature treatments, "Infused with Spirit" offers a physical, mental and spiritual experience unlike any other. This incredible treatment begins with a soothing, warm bath, using aromatherapy to enhance the body's response to the subtle energy shifts. Your journey of bliss continues with a Crystal Chakra Balancing Massage, using the vibration of pure colored light to bring the seven main chakras of the body into balance. The Aspira Chroma Facial, using color therapy and the application of natural masks, completes the SpaSuite™ Experience, bringing the body, mind and spirit to a place of profound peace and harmony.

• Element Bath with light exfoliation and scalp massage
• Chakra Balancing Massage
• Aspira Chroma Facial

185 min. - $415 per person

Indigo Journey
Shades of indigo, lilac, lavender, mauve and purple - colors representing the highest energy of visible light - are used in this Journey to bring clear insights and greater awareness. Focusing on the Third Eye Chakra, the seat of intuition, the Indigo Journey uses the vibration of the purple spectrum to open channels of intuition and expand consciousness. Your experience begins with a Violet Clay Envelopment or body mask, covering the body with nutrient-rich clays and creams. A Balancing Massage, using chromatherapy, wood violet-infused oil, and reflexology, further complements the energy flow and enhances the journey. The signature Elderberry Facial, using elderberry flowers and fruit, completes your personal, inner journey of balancing physical and emotional energies in the body.

• Violet Clay Body Silking
• Indigo Balancing Massage
• Elderberry Facial

180 min. - $435 per person

Ancient Cedar
In Native American tradition, cedar is known for its cleansing and purifying properties. In this collection of signature treatments, cedar balms are gathered from the shores of Elkhart Lake, specifically for your services. Begin your experience with a calming and soothing Element Bath followed by our Cedars Massage, which purifies and balances the body. The Purifying Cedar Envelopment finishes the service, leaving your skin refreshed and renewed.

• Element Bath with scalp massage
• Cedar Envelopment
• Cedars Massage

125 min. - $320 per person

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