Aromatic Relaxation Massage 
This massage uses long, soothing strokes and the aromatherapy of essential oils to achieve total calm and relaxation.
50 min. - $120 / 80 min. - $170

Sacred Waters Massage *
This signature massage takes its name from the waters of Elkhart Lake, considered sacred by the Native Americans who once lived on its shores. Using medium pressure, muscle tension is dissolved as the healing warmth of the water penetrates the deep tissues of the body for an incredibly relaxing experience.
50 min. - $155 / 80 min. - $200

Moroccan Hot Oil Massage
Using warmed aromatic jasmine oil from Morocco, this massage will smooth your skin as your mind and body are transformed into a complete state of relaxation, induced by slow, enveloping strokes.
50 min. - $135 / 80 min. - $190

Thai Massage
This massage reflects a centuries-old holistic approach to wellness developed by healers of traditional Thai medicine. The full-body treatment includes gentle rocking, compression along the energetic lines, and stretching of joints and muscles to induce relaxation, improve flexibility, relieve stress and pain, and release toxins. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing for this service.
50 min. - $145 / 80 min. - $200

Cedars Massage *
The Cedars Massage incorporates aromatherapy using fresh native cedar, an herb used by Native Americans to purify and protect. This soothing, balancing massage leaves you tranquil and serene. An aromatic blanket of fresh cedar is placed over the body at the end of the massage, emitting its clean, purifying scent.
50 min. - $155 / 80 min. - $200

Couples Massage 
Couples of all kinds - sisters, friends, partners-enjoy the Aromatic Relaxation or Swedish Tonic Massage together.
50 min. - $135 per person / 80 min. - $185 per person
Couples enjoy additional time together with a whirlpool bath after the massage in the privacy of their own Aspira SpaSuite™.
+60 min. - $50 per person

Lomi Lomi Massage 
This traditional Hawaiian "loving hands" massage uses percussive and wave-like movements with smooth strokes to induce a total state of relaxation. Jasmine oil is used for its aromatherapeutic benefits.
50 min. - $145 / 80 min. - $190 

Mother-to-be Massage 
The prenatal massage, only available after the first trimester, uses soft to medium strokes to promote circulation and ease pressure on the joints, promoting tranquility and deep relaxation.
50 min. - $120

Swedish Tonic Massage 
A physiological massage delivered with medium pressure, this massage increases circulation and flexibility.
50 min. - $130 / 80 min. - $185

Yin Yang Massage
This massage is a marriage of Eastern and Western philosophies, designed to cleanse the mind and the spirit. Balance is achieved through blending the physiological effects of the Aromatic Relaxation Massage and the Eastern energy chakra-aligning for mind, body and spirit.
80 min. - $195

Chakra Balancing Massage *
Using pure colored lights, the body's seven main chakra vibrations are balanced to create personal harmony. Light, soothing strokes along the meridians complement the energy flow of the body during this massage.
80 min. - $190 

Customized Therapeutic Massage 
Our skilled therapists customize a treatment tailored to your specific needs, using their advanced training and education to target problematic areas. Massage pressure may vary, depending on your needs. Long, soothing relaxation strokes conclude this massage.
25 min. - $75 / 50 min. - $145 / 80 min. - $200 

*Aspira Spa Signature Treatment

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