The Traditional Facial
This traditional facial uses steam and massage of the face and neck, followed by a moisturizing mask. 
50 min. - $120

Element Facial
According to traditional Chinese medicine, each person has dominating characteristics of one of five elements; wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. Harmony is restored through the combination of pure colored light and essential oils that balance your element.
50 min. - $130

Biodynamic Facial
This ultimate anti-aging treatment is a collection of biodynamic ingredients that contain 40-60% more anti-aging benefits. This one-hour treatment includes exfoliation, extractions, two customized treatment masks, massage for the face, neck, shoulders, hands, arms and décolleté, recreating that youthful look.
50 min. - $135

Color Art Facial 
Five clay masks are artfully applied to the face to complement all five elements of traditional Chinese medicine. Facial reflexology, stimulating all of the reflex zones of the face, is used to create balance.
80 min. - $150

Men's Facial
This facial begins with a soothing scalp massage that includes the application of pure essential oils on specific meridians to induce total relaxation, while warm towels gently steam the skin. Exfoliation, face massage, mask, foot exfoliation and foot massage are included in this facial.
65 min. - $140

Yin Yang Facial
This facial is based on the concept of Yin and Yang balance. A state-of-the-art mask uses osmosis to create deep hydration. Ideal for mature or dry, sensitive skin.
50 min. - $140

Aspira Chroma Lift *
Our signature facial, based on ancient healing modalities of color therapy and the application of natural masks, tones and uplifts the contours of the face, eyes and neck. Chromatherapy, lymphatic drainage, and stimulation of the reflex points are used to achieve visible results after the first treatment. Most benefits are experienced with a series of three to five treatments.
80 min. - $190

Couples Facial
Share the pleasure of a relaxing Element or Traditional Facial together in the privacy and luxury of your own SpaSuite™. 
50 min. - $135 per person 
Couples enjoy additional time together with a whirlpool bath after the facial in the privacy of their own Aspira SpaSuite™.
+60 min. - $50 per person

Essential Facial
This facial maintains the quality of an hour-long facial in half the time. It is the perfect choice as a facial sampler; extractions and hand-and-foot massage not included.
25 min. - $70

Elderberry Facial *
The Aspira Elderberry Facial incorporates the plant's fruit and flower extracts from beginning to end. First, the face is cleansed and then steamed with warm, moist towels infused with elderberry tea. The exfoliation cream is blended with ground, dried elderberries then a mask of chamomile flowers is applied. The final application of moisturizer is personalized by element type.
65 min. - $190

Eye Treatment with Mini Facial
This facial focuses on rejuvenating the delicate skin around the eye, helping to diminish dark circles and soften lines. During the treatment of the eye area a nourishing mask is applied to the face, followed by a relaxing hand and foot massage.
50 min. - $135

Correcting Enzyme Facial
This results-oriented facial uses natural fruit and food enzymes to remove dry skin, promoting new cell growth and collagen production. This service enhances skin appearance and reduces hyper-pigmentation, fine lines and surface roughness. Repeat treatments minimize pores, achieving even texture and coloration. Not suitable for all skin types.
50 min. - $140

Coconut Age Corrective Facial
This all-organic facial uses natural retinol alternatives to promote firming and tightening of your skin's appearance with almost immediate results. Collagen levels are increased dramatically, smoothing problem areas, with continued use of product.
50 min. - $145 

All facials include hand and foot massage (excluding Essential Facial).  

Facial Enhancements to Add:

Enhancements are available to add to 50-minute or longer services, and are completed within the service time of the original booked service.

Eye Treatment - Relieves puffiness, tones and tightens the sensitive area around the eyes for a more refined, brighter eye area. 

Lip Treatment - Lips are exfoliated, hydrated and lightly plumped. 

Scalp Treatment - Balancing serums are used during this head and scalp massage for deep relaxation. May be added during a facial or massage. 

Makeup Touch-up - Application of a light foundation and mascara after the facial. 

Brow or Lip Wax

*Aspira Spa Signature Treatment

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